Business Intelligence Market Research - Size, Share, and Forecast Market Analysis

Business Intelligence Market Size and Overview

The global business intelligence market is expected to surpass USD 17 billion in market size by 2020, accelerating at a CAGR of 10% between 2016-2020. This growth in market size will be attributed to numerous factors including the growing adoption of data analytics, an increase in data availability, increased acceptance of cloud business intelligence (BI) by SMEs, and the improved efficiency of BI tools. As the growing dependency on data continues to rise, so too will the demand for BI tools. This real-time requirement for effectively managing large quantities of unstructured data for identifying and analyzing business patterns is providing ample revenue opportunities for current market participants and new entrants. 

Over the last few years, many new trends have emerged in the business intelligence market. The growing demand for self-service business intelligence is one of these key trends as there continues to be a need for more flexibility and self-reliance in reporting and analysis among users. Other emerging trends expected to gain traction in this market include integration with social media and the emergence of mobile business intelligence. Other insights provided within Technavio’s business intelligence market reports include:

Business Intelligence Market Insights and Statistics

  • The market for social business intelligence is currently witnessing a rapid growth surge. Between 2016-2020, it is forecasted that the social business intelligence market will grow at a CAGR of more than 38% owing to the exponential increase in the volume of information from social media applications and social networking websites.
  • The use of business intelligence in the healthcare sector continues to be adopted at a strong rate. Between 2017-2022, the global business intelligence market in the healthcare sector will increase USD 3.4 billion in market size, accelerating at a CAGR of nearly 14%. The implementation of BI in the healthcare sector reduces the manual work in understanding the patient's requirement and helps hospitals and healthcare departments in analyzing and modifying their administration.

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Business Intelligence Market Share and Segmentation

Within our business intelligence industry research, we provide deep insights into the business intelligence market landscape, its segments, and their market share. Our research experts segment the global business intelligence market into five major segments being traditional BI, self-service BI, cloud BI, social BI, and mobile BI. Of these five major segments, the traditional BI segment currently dominates the market, accounting for approximately 60% of the total business intelligence market share. The mobile BI segment is expected to capture a larger share of the market in the coming years owing to growing smartphone adoption. The mobile BI segment currently accounts for around 20% of the market share.

Our business intelligence market segmentation research offerings include:

  • Traditional Business Intelligence Market
    • Real-time business intelligence market
  • Self-service Business Intelligence Market
    • Managed services BI market
    • Professional services BI market
  • Cloud Business Intelligence Market
    • Public cloud BI market
    • Private cloud BI market
    • Hybrid cloud BI market
    • Cloud business intelligence by service model
      • Infrastructure as a service market
      • Software as a service market
      • Platform as a service market
  • Social Business Intelligence Market
    • Social business intelligence market by vertical
      • Government
      • BFSI
      • Healthcare
      • IT
      • Consumer goods and retail
      • Travel and tourism
  • Mobile Business Intelligence Market
    • Custom coded mobile BI applications
    • Fixed-form mobile BI applications
    • Graphical tool mobile BI applications

We at Technavio, with our comprehensive understanding of the business intelligence market, have been monitoring the latest industry trends and developments to create an in-depth portfolio of market reports. These reports help our clients identify opportunities within the market and develop effective strategies to optimize their market positions. Our business intelligence market reports offer the following insights:

  • Business intelligence market size
  • Business intelligence market trends
  • Business intelligence market share
  • Business intelligence market growth
  • Business intelligence market vendor landscape
  • Business intelligence industry statistics

In addition to business intelligence research, our coverage extends across the entire IT industry including the IT services market and surrounding segments such as the business process outsourcing (BPO) market, as well as the entire IT enterprise software market, IT hardware market, IT electronic equipment market, and semiconductor equipment market.

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