Enterprise Software Market Analysis - Enterprise Software Market Size, Market Share, and Forecasts

Enterprise Software Market Overview

The global software market is expected to grow in the coming years and will present ample opportunities to market participants and new market entrants. The enterprise software market, in particular, is expected to witness a significant increase in market size due to increased competition combined with a rising awareness of enterprise software worldwide. Our enterprise software market analysis identifies that the business intelligence market is expected to flourish as enterprises increase their use of data analytics and increase their dependency on data to make smarter business decisions. 

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Enterprise Software Market Segmentation Analysis

Within our enterprise software industry research, we provide deep insights into the enterprise software market landscape and its segments. Our research experts segment this market by infrastructure software, application software, and software as a service (SaaS).

Infrastructure Software Market

Infrastructure software provides solutions that help increase the performance of IT systems installed in or used by organizations, helping them perform basic tasks and support the workflow of its business. Many of the broad segments within the infrastructure software market such as system software, security software, system and network management software, and storage software are all poised for positive growth as these solutions are becoming more essential for businesses to work efficiently.

Application Software Market

Application software is computer software that is developed to perform activities which benefit the needs of the user. Examples of application software include web content management systems, collaboration software, and document management systems. The document management systems market has been witnessing steady growth over the past five years due to its many benefits which include the organization of documents, content creation, and sharing of the content within an organization. The use of document management systems also helps reduce time and costs.

Software as a Service (SaaS) Market

The growing IT industry is creating a high demand for data management and analysis software, which is driving the growth of the software as a service market. The market for Saas-based business analytics is expected to grow rapidly through 2021, owing to a shift from capital expenditure (CAPEX) to an operating expenses (OPEX) business model. End-users of SaaS-based business analytics heavily rely on this software because it is based on a pay-per-use model and not a CAPEX model.

Enterprise Software Market Segmentation

  • Infrastructure Software Market
    • Operating Systems Market
    • Virtualization Engines Market
    • Network, System, Storage and Security Management Market
      • Network management system market
        • Network security management market
        • Device management market
        • Traffic management market
      • Output management software market
      • Input management software market
      • Incident management market
      • Service level management software market
      • Infrastructure as a service market
      • Cloud platform market
      • Storage management software market
    • Middleware Software Market
      • Data integration tools market
      • Message-oriented middleware (MOM) market
      • Software engineering tools market
      • Cloud migration services market
      • Automated software market
      • Business process management market
      • Application server market
  • Application Software Market
    • Office and Content Software Market
      • Office automation market
      • Document management systems market
      • Web content management market
        • On-premise market
        • Cloud market
      • Collaboration software market
    • Technical Applications Market
      • Network management systems market
      • Visualization systems market
      • Graphical software market
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) Market
    • Vertical SaaS market by industry
    • Horizontal SaaS market by category
    • CRM Software Market
    • Finance and Accounting Software Market
    • HR Software Market
    • SRM Software Market

With our comprehensive understanding of the IT software industry, we have been monitoring the latest industry trends and developments to create an in-depth portfolio of enterprise software market reports. These reports help our clients identify opportunities within the market and develop effective strategies to optimize their market positions. Our enterprise software market reports offer the following insights:

  • Enterprise software market size
  • Enterprise software market share
  • Enterprise software market trends
  • Enterprise software market growth
  • Enterprise software market forecast
  • Enterprise software market vendor landscape
  • Enterprise software industry statistics

In addition to our IT software market research, Technavio’s coverage of the IT industry also includes analysis on the IT hardware market, IT communications market, IT electronic equipment, IT services market and segments of the IT industry such as the BPO market and business intelligence market.

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Enterprise Software Market Size, Market Share, and Forecasts

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