HVAC Market Size: Analysis, Share, and Forecast Market Analysis

HVAC Market Overview

The global HVAC market is expected to grow through 2021 due to rising construction activities coupled with an increasing population, climatic changes, and a decreasing unemployment rate. Additionally, the rise in the preference for condensing boilers is also contributing to the increasing size of the HVAC market. Boiler-based systems currently dominate the European market due to their major advantages such as being based on radiant or convection heat, which provides steady heat with good temperature consistency.

One of the major HVAC market trends impacting market growth is the advances in monitoring systems and intelligent technology. Monitoring systems help in tracking the energy consumption of a building while intelligent technology controls the energy output of an HVAC system. Other trends excepted to grain traction through 2021 include a rise in the incorporation of building automation systems, increasing use of renewable energy sources for residential heating, and growing adoption of smartphones for controlling HVAC devices. Other insights provided within our HVAC market reports include:

HVAC Market Insights

  • Advanced controls in terms of technology, easy maintenance, and longer durability of condensing boilers are advantages that are expected to propel growth in the global HVAC market during the forecast period.
  • Factors like climate change and technological innovations have increased the adoption of HVAC equipment. Global warming that has led to changing and unpredictable weather conditions, has also increased the need for air conditioning equipment.
  • Government regulations with regards to energy efficiency and the use of environment-friendly refrigerants are expected to increase the sales of HVAC equipment.

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HVAC Market Share and Segmentation

Within our HVAC industry research, we provide deep insights into the market landscape, its segments, and their market share. Our research experts segment this market by types of HVAC equipment, software, services, applications, and implementation type.

The market for HVAC equipment is segmented by heating, ventilation, and cooling (air conditioning).  The air conditioning segment currently holds the largest market share and is witnessing strong demand from both the residential and non-residential sectors. We forecast this segment to continue leading the market through 2021.

Our HVAC market segmentation research offerings include:

  • HVAC Market by Heating Equipment
    • Heat pump market
      • Air to air heat pump market
      • Air to water heat pump market
      • Water to water heat hump market
    • Furnaces market
      • Oil furnace market
      • Gas furnaces market
      • Electric furnaces market
    • Boilers market
      • Steam boilers market
      • Hot water boilers market
    • Unitary market
      • Gas unit heaters market
      • Oil fired market
      • Electric unit heaters market
  • HVAC Market by Ventilation Equipment
    • Humidifiers market
      • Warm-mist humidifiers market
      • Ultrasonic humidifiers market
      • Cool-mist humidifiers market
    • Dehumidifiers market
      • Refrigeration dehumidifiers market
      • Absorption dehumidifiers market
    • Air purifiers market
      • Hepa air purifiers market
      • Activated carbon air purifiers market
      • Electrostatic air purifiers market
      • Ionic air purifiers market
    • Air handling units market
    • Ventilation fans market
      • Crossflow fans market
      • Axial fans market
      • Centrifugal fans market
      • Domestic fans market
      • Range hood fans market
      • Power roof fans market
    • Air filters market
  • HVAC Market by Cooling Equipment
    • Room air conditioners market
    • Unitary air conditioners market
      • Split air conditioners market
      • Packaged air conditioners market
    • HVAC chillers market
      • Scroll chillers market
      • Screw chillers market
      • Centrifugal chillers market
      • Reciprocating chillers market
      • Absorption chillers market
    • Coolers market
      • Ducted coolers market
      • Window coolers market
    • Cooling towers market
      • Evaporative cooling towers market
      • Dry cooling towers market
      • Hybrid cooling towers market
    • VRF systems market
  • HVAC Services Market by Implementation Type
    • New construction market
    • Retrofit building market
  • HVAC Market by Software
    • HVAC design software market
    • HVAC service software market
    • HVAC scheduling software market
    • HVAC business software market
    • HVAC heat load calculation software market
    • HVAC dispatch software market
  • HVAC Services Market
    • HVAC maintenance and repair market
    • HVAC installation market

We at Technavio, with our comprehensive understanding of the HVAC market, have been monitoring the latest industry trends and developments to create an in-depth portfolio of market research reports. These reports help our clients identify opportunities within the market and develop effective strategies to optimize their market positions. Our HVAC market reports offer the following insights:

  • HVAC market share
  • HVAC market size
  • HVAC market trends
  • HVAC market forecast
  • HVAC market growth
  • HVAC market vendor landscape
  • HVAC industry statistics

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