Sports Medicine Market Analysis: Share, Size, and Forecast

Sports Medicine Market Size

The size of the global sports medicine market will grow at a CAGR of 7% by 2020. This growth in market size is currently being driven by the growing demand for minimally invasive surgeries. These are the most preferred procedures as they use power tools to carry out surgeries with small cuts, shorten the hospital stay post-surgery, reduce bleeding and recovery time, and enable a faster return to normal activities. There is an increased demand for these surgeries to treat sports complications related to the knee, hip, shoulder, elbow, and spine. The rise in the adoption of computer-assisted robotic surgeries and regenerative medicines for lesser recovery time is also propelling the growth of this market.

The global sports medicine devices market has also been enjoying steady growth recently, posting a CAGR of nearly 5% over the last five years. This market is expected to grow at a faster pace over the next few years, owing to an increase in demand for sports medicines, due to rising incidences of sports-associated injuries and increase in awareness among people toward physical fitness. Arthroscopy devices, braces, fracture repair devices, orthobiologics, monitoring devices, prosthesis, and joint implants are the top segments within the global sports medicine devices market. 

Sports Medicine Market Insights

  • Sport medicine products help people recover from injuries and prevent future injuries. In addition, sports medicine has displayed considerable growth among all the other healthcare fields, as professionals in this field have the capability to treat all kinds of people, and not just athletes. Increase in the demand for sports medicine is witnessed over the years owing to the rise in the incidence of sports associated injuries along with an increase in awareness among people regarding physical fitness.
  • Demand for minimally invasive surgeries and technological advancement in implants, technologies, and instruments for joint repair is expected to further promote the sports medicine market growth.
  • The sports medicine market is witnessing high investments by vendors in research activities. Vendors are coming up with various new products with improved features and functions aimed at increasing their efficiency in healing. There is an increased preference for the use of MRI technology in treating sports injuries as it gives better diagnosis related to sports injuries. Many physicians are also using 3D-MRI techniques for better image-guided procedures. The manufacturers are developing better technologies to ensure the zero-defect reliability of the diagnosing devices and to improve their accuracy.

Sports Medicine Market Share and Segmentation

Within our sports medicine industry analysis, we provide deep insights into the market landscape, its segments, and their market share. Our research experts segment this market by sports medicine products and applications. By application, the knee segment currently dominates the market and is expected to occupy more than 20% of the overall sports medicine market share by 2020. This segment is one of the fastest-growing in the market owing to the rise in sports activities. The knee is the most common site of injuries in young athletes.

Our sports medicine market segmentation research offerings include:

  • Sports Medicine Market by Product
    • Body reconstruction market
      • Implants market
      • Fracture and ligament repair market
      • Arthroscopy devices market
      • Prosthetics market
      • Orthobiologics market
    • Body support and recovery market
      • Braces and supports market
      • Compression clothing market
      • Physiotherapy equipment market
      • Thermal therapy market
      • Electrostimulation market
      • Ultrasound therapy market
      • Laser therapy market
      • Accessories market
    • Body monitoring and evaluation devices market
      • Cardiac monitoring and evaluation devices market
      • Respiratory monitoring and evaluation devices
      • Hemodynamic monitoring and evaluation devices
      • Musculoskeletal monitoring and evaluation devices
  • Sports Medicine Market by Application
    • Knee injuries market
    • Shoulder injuries market
    • Foot and ankle injuries market
    • Elbow and wrist injuries market
    • Back and spine injuries market
    • Hip and groin injuries market

We at Technavio, with our comprehensive understanding of the sports medicine market, have been monitoring the latest sports medicine industry trends and developments to create an in-depth portfolio sports medicine market research reports. These reports help our clients identify opportunities within the market and develop effective strategies to optimize their market positions. Our sports medicine market reports offer the following insights:

  • Sports medicine industry statistics
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